Butterfly Effect

The synopsis: “Connected. About Future, Cities and People” exhibition, simultaneously took place in 4 european cities : Bucharest (Romania), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Bergen (Norway) and  Stockholm (Sweden), under the name “Connected. Despre viitor, orașe și oameni”, a project by Asociația Zeppelin (Bucharest). The theme of the exhibition explored the particularities of smart, inter-connected societies and the technological paradigm of contemporary life.

We were asked to come up with an interactive installation that enabled the visitors from each city to interact in real time and stay connected for the entire period of the exhibitions. In chaos theory, the butterfly effect represents the sensitive dependence on initial conditions, in which a small change at one place can result, under specific conditions, in large differences in a later state. The Butterfly Effect installation enables a visual dialogue between the visitors of the exhibitions in order to reflect the real time inter-connectivity between geographically distant places in the contemporary global society. The direct interaction with the elastic membrane of the screen in one place triggers a particular visual effect in all the other cities, allowing the visitors from different cities to interact with each other using a technological interface as the medium. Technically, the four places of the exhibition forms a local network, as if they were very close to each other, even though thousands of kilometers separates them.

Btw, White is for Bucharest, Green for Bergen, Yellow for Stockholm and Purple is for Amsterdam!




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