Interactive Parkinson Awareness Installation

According to the honorary president of the Neurology Association in Romania, Parkinson is the second most common degenerative neurological condition in Romania, with more than 70.000 cases nationwide.

To mark Parkinson’s Awareness month (April), we were asked to come up with an interactive installation that featured the disease’s symbol, the red tulip. The ensemble, comprising 7 large interactive tulips, was on display in one of Bucharest’s most crowded places, helping passers-by acknowledge the existence¬†of Parkinson and help fight the stigma that Parkinson patients have to face.

The installation was the first in Romania that was dedicated to the awareness and fighting of a medical condition. For this purpose, the tulips transpose artistically one common symptom, the uncontrollable tremor. Upon touching, the tremor and the light effects stop and a vocal message thanks the viewers.

The ceiling that sustains the weight of the tulips is inspired from the micro-structures specific of the central nervous system. To further suggest a patient’s condition, the elements are made up of¬†metal, a material evoking the struggles that this disease poses, gradually limiting the motion capability and thus the need for an external physical support.


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