Neural interfaces

Our experiments with NeuroSky MindWave and Epoc Emotiv EEG devices.

Mind Battle

Interactive installation gracefully controlled at neuroelectric level by its two players. Using a set of NeuroSky MindWave EEG sensors and microcontrollers, the neural activity of the players is processed into a back and forth movement of a levitanting cube, as each player tries to push the cube towards his opponent. In this case, the alert and engaged working state is quantified as a transition between beta and gamma brain waves. In real time, a battle for supremacy unfolds – the one in control most of the time scores.

Epoc Emotiv

Neural interface that enables the user to control an electric toy car by focusing their attention. We have asked for a volunteer from the public to perform with Epoc Emotiv EEG device which was connected to the computer that interpreted the neuro-electrical imput signals mapping them in simple comands: back and forward, left and right. The comands were transmitted in real time to the car using a micro-controller.

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