Venice Architecture Biennale

Play Mincu: a game between officialdom and architecture

The Play Mincu Pavilion is a semiotic, interactive installation producing architectural stamps that speak about the two modes of the architectural profession: the artistic aspect – esthetic and conceptual, and the bureaucratic or judicial one, which generates social norms and values.

The concept of the pavilion revolves around the personality of Ion Mincu, creator of modern Romanian architecture, also active in the political and bureaucratic side of his trade. The exhibition itself has two designs: as cultural device mediating contemporary Romanian architecture, and as an ironic decentering of the respect attached to the architect’s profession in various parts of the world. The postage stamp and the notary seal embosser are the symbolic vectors of the exhibition. Visitors can play with these, producing for example notary dry stamps that in real life invest papers with official authority, but in the context of the Play-Mincu Pavilion reframe bureaucracy and its normative forces within a cultural act mediating architecture. Modulab co-produced the exhibition in partnership with Emil Ivănescu. A project by Emil Ivănescu (curator), Ioana Calen (Associate curator, Modulab), Paul Popescu (interactive and sound installations, Modulab), Irina Bogdan (T_A_I), Laura Iosub and Ana Constantinescu.

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