Project Description


One can’t understand the needs of a community if he/she doesn’t put his/herself in its member’s shoes. Also, we figured out the importance of a follow-up structure: one must always have a clear answer when thinking what will happen with the final product. And all these came as a consequence of the D`Inno Lab project. After 6 months of testing social innovation through a Design Thinking process bwtween Modulab and the teams representing different NGOs in the contest, we have come up with 4 prototypes responding to four of the problems raised by the NGOs.

Amongst the 4 prototypes,

BinRobot is an interactive trash can for schools. It was an initiative of the professors at Ferdinand I General School from Bucharest. Violeta Dascălu, Simona Mitu and Maria Constantinean argued that this would be an interactive way to educate the pupils in the spirit of protecting keeping their environment tidy. The first prototype is programmed to come to the one that gives a vocal command and generates a programmed sound. The future plans include the creation of a trash can that will talk with the children and interact with them in a funny way.

Project Details

Client: Dinnolab by Cros

Tags: Commercial, Design, Event, Interactive, Prototyping, Workshop

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