Museo M9 Mestre

Project Description

M9 is an innovative multimedia museum of the Italian 20th Century that creatively combines cultural and technological innovation with retail, entertainment and other facilities. It can be rightly ranked as one of the biggest innovative urban regeneration projects in Europe, where culture, in its various forms and brought to a truly wide audience, becomes the driver of social change. Forging a bridge between past and present, M9 invites its visitors to immerse themselves in interactive environments and explore the changing culture, lifestyle, natural/urban landscapes, science and ways of working imposed by history on the 20th century. Just as a living organism who is constantly evolving, the museum follows a set of rules dictated by technology.

Polymnia Venezia – client
Nema FX – exhibit design & development
Sorin Voicu – UX design, media content
Modulab – exhibit development & integration
M9 Museum- photo
Franz Russo – photo – photo

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