Make City Berlin – workshop

Project Description

Make City Berlin workshop
Romania has a rich maker and DIY history: during the communist era people were improvising and hacking electronics and other devices to compensate with the lack pf goods on the market or to be able to stay connected, through technology, with the external world. After the fall of communism, Romania was the country who immediately and creatively adapted to technological era through massive peer to peer networks that connected entire neighbourhoods to Internet, a phenomenon that emerged only in Romania and Bengalore, India, and is now the country with the best and the most free internet connectivity, in terms of file sharing, downloading etc. During the first part of the workshop we are have discussed different aspects of maker movement and the role of this trend in the current economy and culture and in the second part participants have explored basic embryonic electronics in order to build their own sensor-based theremins. The participants received a pre-configured small interactive board with leds and sensors (light and sound sensors). By setting up the circuit connections, they were able to personalize the instrument so that it becomes responsive to light and sound, turning it into an interactive noise and light instrument.

Project Details

Client: Make City Festival - Berlin 2015

Tags: Event, Workshop

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