Installation commissioned by Asociația Zeppelin for their “București SUD” event, exploring 12 independent projects that focus on two precise themes : new cultural, social and business initiatives and the transformation of industrial spaces. The exhibition took place in an abandoned factory, in the southern part of the city.

Features :
17 electro-mechanical actuators were mounted on the metal structure of the building and other key points. A revolving table with a reading head reminding of an old organette instrument serves as a controller interface between the users and the sound augmented space. In order to play the otherwise decaying room, visitors have to place on the table pieces of industrial trash found at the spot, probably the last reminders of the industrial history or the building. The position and succession of the artefacts on the table triggers the actuators that start hitting the structures of the room, in a playful and somehow poetic attempt to evoke the original soundscape of the once functional factory.


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