The workshop series SymbioMorphoGenesis was an exploration of different forms of symbiosis between humans and technology and different types of technology, through human interactions. Participants were able to observe and take active part in the creation (from the drafting to the fabrication) of the installations.

The result was an exhibition of interactive design that created and functioned in a symbiosis with the viewers who fed and modified the behaviour of the technological entities, in real time, with their movements and visual characteristics that were absorbed, processed and used by the installations.

A series of biomimetic interactive art installations was displayed : Protocorda Sapiens, Cromostamen Terrens, Colorivoris.


Protocorda Sapiens is a biomimetic interactive art installation that intakes the environmental stimuli, interprets them with the help of an artificial nervous system that analizes and centralizes all information about entities crossing into its territory. The information is sent to the installation’s core memory storage, where it’s transformed into light, sent through the neuronal network creating synapses successively. Thus a butterfly effect is generated, provoked by the disturbing factor, the human being. Crafted by Mădălin Gheorghe, Andrei Mitisor and Matei Popescu.


Cromostamen Terrens is a biomimetic interactive art installation, looking like a pulsating living creature, feeding on human interaction and environmental phenomena. It evolved from a simple static outer shell, gaining freedom of movement. Its organs are animated by compressed air controlled with the force generated by nearby phenomena and human presence. Flexible and sensitive, Cronostamen Terrens watches over any moving entity that gets too close to the parent organism. Crafted by Paul Popescu, Andrei Ivănescu and Vlad Osiac.


Colorivoris, a biomimetic interactive art installation, is an artificial plant disguised in a common object (a beanbag) that uses any human as a symbiote, devouring his/her colours. The human is immobilised while the information is being digested and regurgitated as special visual effects that splash over the person’s body and then flow towards the central exhibit area. This sap full of colour DNA information is then integrated in the visual processes of other entities of the symbioMorphogenesis habitat, acting as “food” for the entire ecosystem. Crafted by Virgil Ilian, Mădălina Oprica and Livia Zaharia.



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